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Prep for the “Big Meeting” Happens Each and Every Day

February 22, 2012 0 comments Weekly Ahas
“Reflection is the greatest gift” (Landon Taylor)

By Landon Taylor


A Big Aha came to me this week after attending a conference in San Diego.  I observed a few prospective “deal making” meetings and participated in a few myself.  I realized that my ability to add real value during my conversations was in direct proportion to the experiences that I’ve had over the past 20 years of my business career.  This includes successes and failures alike.  The depth of your experiences equates to the depth of your conversations.

My take away was that we should always be fully present in the moment each and every day in all activities, conversations and events that cross our paths.  If we are not fully present, we will miss that “meeting prep” opportunity that is exactly what we will need to add value and “win” during an important meeting some two or three years down the road.

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