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Why Your Jeans Are More Important than Your Scale

May 28, 2012 0 comments Health and Fitness, Peak Performance

By Chris Freytag

Last summer I traveled to France with my daughter and I quickly noticed that unlike Americans, people in France don’t parade around in sweatpants. Women walk down the streets in Paris wearing tailored trousers, pants with a zipper, or jeans. As a fitness  trainer, spending my days in active wear (lycra and spandex) is part of what my job entails, but our choices about clothes are connected to our health. Do you hide behind baggie clothes or show up in the world with fitted clothes that reflect your fit body? You can even use your jeans to gauge how you are doing with your health and fitness. I always zip up my jeans once a week, and here’s why you should too!

Marry your jeans.

Lots of women are married to their scales and those three numbers that show up on the scale either mean triumph or despair. Remember your weight can vary depending on the time of the month, hormones, sodium intake and other factors.  A more accurate gauge of how you are managing your weight is to put on and zip up those jeans in your closet. Are your jeans suddenly baggie? Terrific! Do they fit as they always have?  You are keeping it steady! Suddenly snug? That’s your red flag! You can’t even get them on? The alarm bell is ringing for behavior change!

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May 26, 2012 0 comments Faith, Spirituality

By Landon Taylor

One of the most insightful and influential authors to write about the power of applied faith, and its impact on character, was Edward M. Bounds (1835-1913). Bounds was trained as a lawyer, but called to ministry. He served as an Army chaplain during the Civil War and practiced what he preached, even during the most trying of times. His personal regimen called him to prayer every morning. Through prayer, he designed his inspirational definition of faith:


Faith is not an abstract belief in the Word of God, nor a mere mental credence, nor a simple assent of the understanding and will; nor is it a passive acceptance of facts, however sacred or thorough. Faith is an operation of God, a divine illumination, a holy energy implanted by the Word of God and the Spirit in the human soul—a spiritual, divine principle which takes of the supernatural and makes it a thing apprehendable by the faculties of time and sense.”                                             –E.M. Bounds Prayer and Faith


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