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4 Common Myths About Fitness

September 27, 2013 0 comments Health and Fitness, Peak Performance

4 Common Myths About Fitness by Chris Freytag

The difference between a myth and a fact is good science. I love this saying. I often overhear gym-goers sharing fitness advice that just isn’t true. Let me try to shed some light on some fitness myths  with a little science.

Myth 1: You have to walk slowly to burn body fat. You use two types of fuel when you exercise: fat and glucose (carbohydrates/sugars break down into glucose in your body). Yes, your body uses more fat as its fuel choice when walking at a moderate pace. However, your calorie burn is also moderate. When you pick up the pace and walk or run with a high intensity, your body uses more glucose as fuel but burns calories at a faster rate. The bottom line is that most hardworking people are too busy to take a leisurely stroll for two hours. Do pick up the pace and your effort to melt body fat faster. Make the most of your exercise minutes—whether you have 10 minutes or 60 minutes, use them well.

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Fitness Secrets of a Fitness Trainer

September 24, 2013 0 comments Health and Fitness

By Chris Freytag

Just like you, I can get overwhelmed with work, family, business travel and numerous other obligations. To stay on track with my fitness routine, I have to plan ahead. I have some personal rules I follow, as well as some time-saving solutions for those crazy busy days. Here are my trainer secrets for fitness success.

Tip: Wear a heart-rate monitor and follow the two-day rule. My Heart Rate Monitor is my motivator—I love tracking my heart rate each workout and feeling good about my calorie burn. I also try not to ever go more than two days in a row without making the time for exercise. Since I travel almost every week, it’s easy to let a few days slide, but I hate the way I feel so I only allow a maximum of 48 hours between workouts even on my busiest weeks. I will run stairs in a building if I have to.

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Re-Set! Establish Your Truth, and Re-define “Wealth”

September 24, 2013 0 comments Financial Freedom, Landon's Blogs, Peak Performance, Spirituality

Most of us have been grossly misled by society’s definition of what it means to be wealthy.

The definition that society has sold to us about wealth is primarily linked to material things and status.


– The car we drive

– The size and value of the house we live in

– The exclusivity of our neighborhood

– The amount of money we make

– The type of job title we hold or business we operate


So we run after these things with all our might in the name of creating a better life and happiness for ourselves and our family.


The problem is that we get trapped in a vicious circle in pursuit of this false wealth.


To get the right job, title, business we spend money we don’t have on a car we can’t afford.  We go into debt, the world’s greatest oppressor.

We finally get the job/business we were after and figure we need to buy the right house in the right neighborhood to match the job/title we’ve achieved.


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