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“Purposeful Productivity- A vital key to success and significance in the 21st Century” Part One

July 19, 2014 1 comments Peak Performance

In this video blog series, Landon Taylor interprets key insights and strategies from INSANE PRODUCTIVITY, the world-class peak performance program released by Darren Hardy, Publisher of SUCCESS Magazine. Uniquely combining the best strategies from the greatest super achievers of today with sage wisdom from renowned thought-leaders from the past, (such as James Allen, Jim Rohn, Florence Scovel Shinn, Napoleon Hill, Lau Tzu and J. Krishnamurti) this video  blog series will accelerate your purposeful productivity, and empower you to discover and live fully in your TRUTH.

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How to Multiply Your Income

July 9, 2014 1 comments Uncategorized


How to “Safely” Multiply Your Income

by Landon Taylor

The Wealth Triangle formula teaches that eliminating all debt and multiplying your income is one of the 10 essential steps to overcome the 7 Deadly Shackles that prevent you from discovering and living fully in your TRUTH.

In this video blog, Wealth Triangle founder & chief vision officer, Landon Taylor, reviews a Warrior Strategy on how to “Safely” multiply your income by leveraging your EXISTING knowledge and expertise.

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Can you hear me now?

July 7, 2014 0 comments Peak Performance

Can you hear me now? How to hear and connect with people on a soul level

By Landon Taylor


About eight years ago my good friend, John Bryant, shared with me a simple yet profound statement, “Landon, people don’t do business with companies; they do business with people.”


He went on to explain that people want to feel good when they’ve spent time with you in a business meeting. Yes, you need to provide high-quality work products, that’s a given. But your work products are not going to always be the difference-maker. The difference-maker is the emotional feeling that your clients are left with after being in your company.


Over the past few years, I’ve invested time in studying this insight that John shared with me, and I’ve learned that he’s absolutely right!


I’ve found that people want to feel fully heard and validated— whether conscious or unconscious. They want to know that you are genuinely interested in them. They want to feel comfortable and able to let their guard down in a conversation with you. And it’s even better if they feel like they can safely open up and be transparent with you. It’s so rare that people encounter another person who really hears them in this way. Therefore, if you are a person who can fulfill that desire, you’ll find your personal and professional relationships growing to a whole new level.

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