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Design a Life of World Impact – Step 1

November 3, 2014 16 comments Finances, Landon's Blogs, Peak Performance, Uncategorized

Passion or Money?

Some say that you should either make a lot of money doing your “job,” or that you should love doing that job so much that the work itself doesn’t matter. I say that you should love what you do and make a lot of money doing it.

Through decades of personal experience – trial and error, victory and defeat – I have learned that by having a clear vision of what is important to me that I can have both passion and money in my professional life. I traveled a long bumpy road to come to this understanding, but fortunately you do not have to.

You can “live your truth” professionally. You can love what you do every day, and you can naturally earn a great living in the process. In this first blog post, you will take the first step necessary to designing a life of world impact. This will lead you to a life of truth. A life of truth gives you both passion and “true” wealth.

 Step 1 – Align Your Passion and Gifts with Your Career Path

We often make our career choices for the wrong reasons. Here are a few examples of “the wrong reasons.” Perhaps they will sound familiar.

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