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May 26, 2012 0 comments Faith, Spirituality

By Landon Taylor

One of the most insightful and influential authors to write about the power of applied faith, and its impact on character, was Edward M. Bounds (1835-1913). Bounds was trained as a lawyer, but called to ministry. He served as an Army chaplain during the Civil War and practiced what he preached, even during the most trying of times. His personal regimen called him to prayer every morning. Through prayer, he designed his inspirational definition of faith:


Faith is not an abstract belief in the Word of God, nor a mere mental credence, nor a simple assent of the understanding and will; nor is it a passive acceptance of facts, however sacred or thorough. Faith is an operation of God, a divine illumination, a holy energy implanted by the Word of God and the Spirit in the human soul—a spiritual, divine principle which takes of the supernatural and makes it a thing apprehendable by the faculties of time and sense.”                                             –E.M. Bounds Prayer and Faith


Faith is the guiding principle upon which all else is evaluated. It is not some squishy abstract feeling or emotion. Faith is tangible and actionable. The more you learn how to run your daily business and personal life by applying your faith, the more control and internal peace you will experience, no matter what obstacles cross your path. You must therefore guard you faith at all costs.

Take a Leap of Faith
Take a Leap of Faith


Just as the foundation of a building is the single largest factor of its stability, so applied faith is the largest contributing factor to the stability of your character when you are under the pressure of adversity. You must therefore devote yourself to the continuous strengthening of your foundation so that the building (your life) will stand up under the storms, earthquakes and fires that are sure to attack it on a daily basis.


Here are five things you can start doing today to nurture and strengthen your foundation of faith.


  1. Make a list of the great things that you’ve accomplished in the past. Reflect upon that list carefully. It is easy to forget prior achievements and adversities that you’ve overcome. Repeat to yourself, “I’ve been here before, I can and will handle this!”
  2.  Take on new challenges. Choose big goals that inspire you and require you to become more. Break them down into easily-achievable steps. You will be surprised at what you can accomplish.
  3. Pray, meditate, or participate in whatever spiritual activity you enjoy that supports your faith! Doing this daily is the most powerful tool of all.
  4. Focus on who you are becoming, and double-check that you are living by your values instead of wasting time worrying about what you are or are not achieving.
  5. Spend time around people who regularly build your faith. Reduce the amount of time you spend around those who tend to tear it down. This is critical. Jim Rohn once said, “You become the combined average of the five people you spend the most time around.” Choose those people wisely.



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Landon Taylor

Landon Taylor

Founder and Chief Vision Officer at Wealth Triangle Enterprises LLC
Landon Taylor is Founder and Chief Vision Officer at Wealth Triangle Enterprises LLC. With over 25 years of high impact market, organization, and human development experience, Landon has developed a human development formula called the Wealth Triangle Principle. The Principle empowers performance-driven men and women to overcome the 7 Deadly Shackles and to catapult both their external performance and internal fulfillment in order to achieve “True Wealth.” Connect with Landon at www.WealthTriangle.com, www.Facebook.com/wealthtriangle or on Twitter@wealthtriangle
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