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But I’m Not Bill Gates by Greg Hammond

February 3, 2014 0 comments Finances

But I’m Not Bill Gates by Greg Hammond


Many people whom society would regard as well-off are actually concerned about running out of money. And that fear is part of the challenge in encouraging them to engage in philanthropy.  The media hardly helps the situation:  Advertisers, in their bid for attention, take things to the extreme and play on those worries.  You can see this daily as the financial news networks proclaim that the financial markets are in a boom or that there is gloom and doom ahead.  Affluent people come to feel insecure – they could lose all their money or there could be a global economic collapse. The sky always seems to be falling. Feeling so vulnerable, how could they risk helping others? In truth, if you consider yourself able to help the world, then you are able to help the world. Generosity is an attitude, a way of life.

You don’t have to be Bill Gates. The Microsoft founder has so much excess wealth that he built one of the largest grant-making nonprofit organizations in the world. We’re not suggesting that you go out and create a huge grant-making nonprofit. We’re just saying you may be able to do a little something more, or a lot more, than you are doing currently. What is it you want to do? What do you care about? What have you long dreamed about?

Bill Gates
Bill Gates

Do more that matters. You can do it through giving, through living, or through both – and it certainly doesn’t need to be on a Bill Gates scale.

It doesn’t have to even be about money. It is rewarding to see clients gain the clarity and confidence to know that they can retire so that they can spend more time doing the volunteer work they love to do, redirecting their marketplace acumen and experience toward charitable and nonprofit organizations and causes. For example, one retired couple we know travel around the country in an RV working for Habitat for Humanity. They go south in the winter and north in the summer, using their skills and labor to help break the cycle of poverty, one house at a time.

Even if you can’t write a check with multiple zeros on it, you can still make a significant impact.  Don’t forget what the flutter of one butterfly’s wings can bring forth.

-excerpt from chapter 4

 Download a chapter of the book at domorethatmatters.com

 Greg Hammond, CFP®, CPA is a wealth impact strategist who works with individuals, families, closely‐held and family‐owned businesses, helping them grow and preserve wealth, plan for retirement and  manage their charitable giving. You can reach Greg at 1-800-416-1655 or info@hammondiles.com  for financially intelligent guidance or a Wealth Impact Assessment to show how you can build a legacy of your values, influence, and money without sacrificing your own lifetime goals and objectives.

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Greg Hammond
Greg Hammond is passionate about helping people make a greater impact in their lives, their families, and in their communities. Using his remarkable range of experience, Greg helps individuals establish what’s most important, then set and pursue goals toward preserving and growing their wealth. He believes everyone should have a chance to “do and achieve what matters most.” As a wealth advisor, Greg has counseled hundreds of individuals, families, and business owners on developing strategies for investments, intergenerational wealth transfer, building a legacy, reducing taxes, protecting the value of their estates, and charitable planning. A sought-after charitable giving and financial educator, consultant and speaker, Greg has been in financial management for more than 20 years. He is frequently interviewed by the media; recently by the Wall Street Journal for “Earning Income While Making a Gift” and the Hartford Business Journal Nonprofit Notebook for “Planned Giving.” Greg co-hosted the radio show, “Planning for Tomorrow” on WTIC News Talk 1080AM covering topics such as creating lifetime income, charitable use of life insurance, and philanthropic planning. He has been interviewed on WTIC AM news, published a special report on nonprofit challenges, and regularly speaks on “Building a Legacy” at national and regional conferences, estate planning councils, religious and nonprofit organizations. A graduate of Miami University, Oxford, Ohio with a B.A. in Accounting, Greg is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ Professional and Certified Public Accountant. Greg is also a certified True Wealth Consultant, a member of the Partnership for Philanthropic Planning (PPP), The Planned Giving Group of Connecticut (PGGCT), The Financial Planning Association (FPA), Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP), The American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) and the International Association of Advisors in Philanthropy (AiP). Greg’s commitment to making a difference has guided him to participate in Habitat for Humanity and to lead groups on mission trips in the United States and Mexico. Greg contributes to his local community as a board member for PGGCT, Treasurer for Westminster Presbyterian Church and Advisory Board member for The Connecticut Forum. Greg and his business partner, Scott Iles, sponsor many annual fundraising events for nonprofit organizations including a golf tournament to benefit ALS and fundraising for the Connecticut Children’s Medical Center. A published author, Greg lives in West Hartford, CT with his wife Karen and their two daughters. Greg enjoys research and writing, tennis and a challenging game of golf when he is not at the office or enjoying time with his family.

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