Design a Life of World Impact – Step 1

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Passion or Money?

Some say that you should either make a lot of money doing your “job,” or that you should love doing that job so much that the work itself doesn’t matter. I say that you should love what you do and make a lot of money doing it.

Through decades of personal experience – trial and error, victory and defeat – I have learned that by having a clear vision of what is important to me that I can have both passion and money in my professional life. I traveled a long bumpy road to come to this understanding, but fortunately you do not have to.

You can “live your truth” professionally. You can love what you do every day, and you can naturally earn a great living in the process. In this first blog post, you will take the first step necessary to designing a life of world impact. This will lead you to a life of truth. A life of truth gives you both passion and “true” wealth.

 Step 1 – Align Your Passion and Gifts with Your Career Path

We often make our career choices for the wrong reasons. Here are a few examples of “the wrong reasons.” Perhaps they will sound familiar.

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“True Wealth” A multi-part blog series on breaking free from the 7 Deadly Shackles to become your greatest “SELF”

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Part I. What is TRUE Wealth?

It’s achieving freedom from the 7 Deadly Shackles and becoming your greatest “SELF.”

The 7 Deadly Shackles are the enemies that rob us of our inner happiness and fulfillment, and prevent us from reaching our greatest potential.


This certainly has been the case for me on my journey…

Let me introduce you to the 7 Deadly Shackles, the enemies that I’ve declared all out war against in my life:

  • Fear
  • Ego
  • Debt
  • Poor health and fitness
  • Limiting beliefs
  • The opinion of others
  • Dysfunctional relationships


Take a moment to ponder this list for your self and ask the question.  Am I completely FREE?

When I took a personal inventory of this list back in 2007, I realized that although I’d been super successful at making money… and at accumulating lots of titles, and material things that mainstream society says makes you Wealthy…

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How to Multiply Your Income

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How to “Safely” Multiply Your Income

by Landon Taylor

The Wealth Triangle formula teaches that eliminating all debt and multiplying your income is one of the 10 essential steps to overcome the 7 Deadly Shackles that prevent you from discovering and living fully in your TRUTH.

In this video blog, Wealth Triangle founder & chief vision officer, Landon Taylor, reviews a Warrior Strategy on how to “Safely” multiply your income by leveraging your EXISTING knowledge and expertise.

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People Buy Stories, Not Bullet Points

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People Buy Stories, Not Bullet Points

By Michelle Flowers

When it comes to creating an effective online presence, the devil is in the details. It’s critical to be sure to include the details of your accomplishments. Make them measurable and impactful in order to persuade your clients, customers and colleagues. 

Remember: people buy stories, not bullet points! So, you need to tell YOUR story with your online presence. View Michelle Flowers’ latest video blog to learn some tips to get you started right away!


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5 Tips for Overcoming Fear by Thomas Hadley

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by Thomas Hadley

When you really think about it, “fear” isn’t something you ever want to overcome. Fear is a great ally of ours. If we didn’t have fear, there would be nothing to stop us from jumping off of a 10 story building. It is fear that prevents us from making a foolish error in such a case. It is fear that keeps us from doing something illegal even when we are very upset and not thinking rationally. Of course if you are success minded, you do not live your life “trying not to get into trouble,” but when we are under great stress, we do things that are irrational. So a fear of consequences of foolish action is a safeguard for us.

What we do want to eradicate is being afraid when we should not be. We shouldn’t be afraid to make that phone call to help a loved one that will very likely result in conflict. We shouldn’t be afraid to say “No” when asked to join in on a project when we know it is not the best use of our time. We shouldn’t be afraid to step out and make changes in our lives that are for the best because we are afraid of what our friends and family may think. However, all of these can be a challenge. The question is, “How do we overcome fear in these situations?”

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