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Don’t Chase a New Job, Attract a New Career Opportunity

April 28, 2014 0 comments Finances, Financial Freedom, Landon's Blogs

Don’t Chase a New Job, Attract a New Career Opportunity 

by Landon Taylor


When people tell me they are busy emailing their resumes to companies blindly looking for a job or posting their resume online, I usually shake my head a bit and think to myself, what a waste of time and talent.


There are so many people competing for jobs today, it’s virtually impossible to stand out if your submission is simply another resume in the pile of thousands. Therefore, it is vital for you to strategically position yourself as the answer to problems that are keeping the hiring manager up at night.


You do this by matching your authentic passion and superior skill level with a problem that an employer is trying to solve or opportunity that they are trying to capture.


In this way, you will shift away from being a common job chaser. Instead, you will strategically attract career opportunities that ignite your passion and enable you to put your greatest gifts and natural talents to work in the marketplace.


The first thing I do when people come to me for advice on getting a new job is to ask them two critical questions:


  1. What are you totally passionate about?  And, what task do you find yourself loosing track of time working on because you are so deeply involved in it?
  2. What is the one thing you do that no one you know does better than you do?


When you combine burning passion and master level skill set, you have the recipe for an invaluable employee for a growth-oriented company.


Once you have identified your burning passion and your master level skill set, it is time to find that company and position where you would immediately be viewed as “invaluable,” and then attract a career opportunity with that company.


10 Steps to Attract Your Ideal Career Opportunity


  1. Conduct research to find the industry and company that your skill-set/talent would bring the most value to.
  2. Once you have found the company, identify the ideal person within the company to target for a meeting.
  3. Research the person and find out exactly what top challenges and opportunities they are facing at the present time.
  4. Develop a detailed plan that when implemented would capture the employers opportunities and/or resolve their challenges.
  5. Hire a professional to assist you with converting your plan into a formal presentation, including an executive summary, that will knock the socks off of your target employer.
  6. Network through your personal contacts to try to find someone who knows your target employer and whose opinion would be respected. Ask them to introduce you to your target employer via email or LinkedIn.
  7. Arrange for the executive summary, your resume and cover letter to be delivered to your target employer via FedEx or hand courier. Regular mail will not attract the kind of attention you are looking for. You want your presentation package to stand out as urgent and important.
  8. Ask for the opportunity to meet in order to present the full plan in person. They will be  impressed with your level of professionalism and the effort up to that point, and it will be very difficult to turn down your request. If nothing else, they will not be able to resist their curiosity to learn the details of the full plan that you have prepared for their success.
  9. Practice your presentation thoroughly and present it with no notes before your meeting. Once you have completed the actual meeting, close it out by asking if they would like to offer you a role with the company immediately to implement the plan.
  10. If offered a position, great! When you get hired, be sure to deliver twice the value you are paid to deliver. Then, watch how you attract career advancement opportunities within the company faster and more frequently than you could ever imagine. If they do not offer you a position immediately, do not stop there.  Follow up with them weekly and consider offering them the opportunity to bring you on as a consultant initially to test your ability to produce the results that you have promised in your presentation.



I have used this strategy myself and it works! Every person that I have shared it with who has implemented the steps has landed an ever better career opportunity than they originally had in mind.


So how about you? I would love to hear about the successes that you experience as a result of using some, or all of the 10 Steps to Attracting Your Ideal Career Opportunity listed above. Send me your success story, and I will share it with the rest of the Wealth Triangle Warrior community!



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Landon Taylor

Landon Taylor

Founder and Chief Vision Officer at Wealth Triangle Enterprises LLC
Landon Taylor is Founder and Chief Vision Officer at Wealth Triangle Enterprises LLC. With over 25 years of high impact market, organization, and human development experience, Landon has developed a human development formula called the Wealth Triangle Principle. The Principle empowers performance-driven men and women to overcome the 7 Deadly Shackles and to catapult both their external performance and internal fulfillment in order to achieve “True Wealth.” Connect with Landon at www.WealthTriangle.com, www.Facebook.com/wealthtriangle or on Twitter@wealthtriangle
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