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Tami Broderick, RD, CLT

Here’s how Tami can help with the health and fitness side of your WealthTriangle

Tami BroderickAre you looking to lose those extra pounds but not feel like you’re on a diet?  Tami’s weight management program has had tremendous success by providing a personalized and customized program that suits your specific lifestyle, health conditions and goals. She will teach you how to “Balance Life With Nutrition,” thus providing the tools that will allow you to achieve your health and wellness goals and maintain them for a lifetime.   If you are a busy professional or entrepreneur, I can personally attest to Tami’s approach to teaching you how to eat for your fitness even while traveling 50+ % on the road and entertaining clients.  Now you know how hard that is!

Do you suffer from IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome), Crohn’s disease, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, migraines, acid reflux, eczema, or other unexplained health conditions? Do you have trouble losing weight, or suffer from diabetes, high blood pressure or high cholesterol? Do you need help with an autoimmune disorder such as celiac disease, polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) or graves disease? If so, please let Tami help – she has helped thousands of individuals lose weight, reduce or eliminate their medications, and put an end to the feeling of hopelessness these conditions can cause.

Tami specializes in treating food sensitivities through LEAP Therapy (Lifestyle, Eating, and Performance), which uses a patented blood test called MRT (Mediator Release Test). This test identifies reactions to foods and chemicals. Once identified, Tami works closely with you to design a personalized meal plan that meets your individual needs.

Proven Results…  What clients are saying about Tami

“Well, I’m the first to stand up and give raving reviews on the impact that Tami’s work has had on my fitness.  I came to Tami looking to get that extra edge with my fitness program.  I’d just turned 40 and knew that I was at the cross roads when you either go downhill fast (potbelly and all) or you do the work and make fitness a key part of your lifestyle.  I weighed 209 pounds and my body fat was at 21%!  Under the direction of my personal trainer, Lisa Komisza, we added the nutrition plan custom designed by Tami.  I set a pretty aggressive goal to hit 10% body fat!   In nine months, I went from 209 lbs 21% body fat to 183 lbs and 8.3%.

Tami Broderick

Here’s a link to my test results for proof!  Bodyfat Percentage Tracking

So you might be thinking…. Well that was three years ago, anybody can go on a crash diet and work out hard to get into shape for a single picture and then they drop off and never can maintain it.   Well, you’re right.  I did creep back up over 10% body fat. But once you’ve made it a lifestyle you can bounce back quickly.    Here is the pic I took last month as I’m on my path back to single digits again.


And remember, I’m a busy executive who flies all over the country every week.  So, even if you’re super busy, you can still make your health and fitness a priority.”

                                                    – Landon Taylor, Costa Mesa CA

Here are a few more testimonials from Tami’s clients from various backgrounds

“………3 months ago, I walked into Tami Broderick’s office suffering from obesity (more than 30% body fat), feeling chronic fatigue (which prevented me for exercising regularly) and feeling hungry all day, from trying to reduce my caloric intake on my own, with a high carbohydrate base diet. At age 55, a daunting challenge to conquer!

During our first visit, Ms. Broderick’s showed a keen interest in understanding my current eating habits, my various activity levels and goals for the future. After tailoring a detailed nutritional program and performing a metabolic test (pain free), in just 2 short weeks, I was able to start walking/running on a regular basis. As we monitored my progress with follow up visits, which included fat % calculations, Ms. Broderick took copious notes from my feedback session, and made changes/recommendations to the program accordingly. (It is important to mention that Ms. Broderick’s program is not tied up to any special branded “diet” products)

After just 10 weeks, results were impressive. My fat % have gone down to 19% (a 37% improvement) and my energy was as such a level which allowed me to complete a half-marathon, yes ALL 13.1 miles! In addition to reaching these amazing thresholds, my cholesterol levels were slashed down 30% and triglycerids down 68%. As a result, my MD lowered by cholesterol medication dosage in half. Not a bad “value added” benefit from eating better, feeling energized, and enjoying life to the fullest!” 

                                                    – Rubin,  Huntington Beach CA

“Your program has made a huge difference in my life and I want to express my thanks and appreciation. Mine is a real success story. The pre-diabetic diagnosis was a surprise and a bit of a shock. But the upside to the discovery was that my physician’s referral to you for nutritional counseling has enabled me to deal very effectively with this potential health threat and has helped me to understand and modify my sugar processing.

My results of working with you over the last five months can only be regarded as dramatic. On your program, my body fat percentage declined more than 7%. My body weight dropped 12 pounds, but more importantly, I lost 16 pounds of body fat while gaining 4 pounds of lean body mass. Plus there have been significant decreases in my blood glucose levels. Both of my physicians are pleased. At the age of 73, I feel better and have more energy than I have in years.

While all of the above is important, the real benefit of your counseling is all I have learned about choosing the right foods, eating correctly and integrating exercise into mylifestyle. These are the lessons I will be using the rest of my life.

Thanks again for all of your advice.”

                                                    – John,  Irvine CA  

Tami can get these results for you as well.  Whether you are in the Southern California area or anywhere in the country, Tami can work with you in person or virtually via Skye or Facetime sessions.   The first step is to get in contact with Tami and share your particular needs and desired results.

Here is Tami’s contact info.  Tell her I sent you and you will receive special WealthTriangle pricing.   Tell her you’re ready to Live Your Truth and she’ll do the rest!

Tami Broderick, RD, CLT
Registered Dietitian and Certified LEAP Therapist
Phone:  949-723-9533 / Fax:  714-602-1636
Email:  tbroderick@healthyfitnutrition.net

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