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How to Tap Into Your Creative Genius by Thomas Hadley

March 21, 2014 0 comments Peak Performance

By Thomas Hadley

How can we consistently tap into creative genius?


The process is not as difficult as you may think. We have all stumbled across creative genius in our own lives when we have come up with a solution to a problem or developed a life enhancing product or service to bring to the marketplace. The challenge is that these instances of creative genius are few and far between. What if you could do this regularly and at will? Here are some guidelines to help you to do just that.


1.    Understand that Creativity is Natural

First, it starts with a mindset. We need to understand that creativity is natural. We all have creativity within us. The problem is that most of us think that it is something we have to “seek” after or that there are only a select few who have this “gift.” Think about it. When you were a kid, how creative were you? I’m sure we all have stories of our creative endeavors growing up. We could make a football out of a sock. An eight-year-old boy can make a gun out of a doll in a minute! As we got older and became adults, the creativity was quenched in most of us by our educational system and our jobs. However, it is still there. It shows up from time to time in our careers, family life and in recreation. We were born with it and can never lose it. This point is very important to remember because when we believe that creativity is natural, we don’t pursue creative ideas (which produces stress that is counterproductive), but we allow them to flow downhill to us.


2. Set Your Intention

Knowing exactly what we want is the catalyst that starts the creative process. Having a clear goal in mind and having every intention of realizing it is crucial in this process. Initially, we don’t need to know how we’re going to realize the object of our desire. We only need to know that we intend on doing so. At this stage, we do not need to analyze the “requirements” for our plan. There is a time to analyze plans, but this is not that time. All we need to do is set the picture in our mind of what we want to realize. Once our subconscious mind (heart) has this picture, it begins to create plans, attitudes and beliefs within us without our conscious awareness.


3. Understand that Creativity Starts in the Heart

The intention we set starts in our head, but we need to understand that creativity starts in our heart. The times when we are most creative are when we are working on things that our heart is passionate about. The creative ideas that come from within us are from our “heart”, not our head. Often times, when we are not being creative, it is because our heart is clouded with conflict. Nonetheless, the creativity is still in there. This is where it starts. Think about it. Your most creative endeavors were from the heart, not your logical, planning mind.


4. Open the Channel of Creativity

I think that we can all agree that our creativity comes from our heart. But how do we get that creativity to get from our heart and into our head so we can do something with it? This is where the concept of “flow” comes in. I teach my clients that flow is when our heart is able to communicate with our head. Many have said that the longest 12 inches in the world is the distance between our heart and our head. I think that what makes it so difficult to hear what our heart is saying to us is that either our heart is too corrupted by conflict to let the creativity out or that the creativity is there but our head is filled with too much stress. In either case, the channel from our heart to our head is blocked and the creativity cannot get through. So we must address any conflict in our heart like unforgiveness, anger, pride and envy so we can have a heart that is a creative wellspring. We must also manage the stress in our lives that keep our minds running 100 miles per minute. So many people have difficulty with simply quieting their minds. When our minds are filled with noise and chatter constantly, it is impossible to hear the creative genius that is trying to get through to us. There are a number of ways to reduce stress, but the number one way to do this is to replace our limiting beliefs. Exercise, diet and lifestyle changes have limited effect if we are constantly stressed because our belief system causes us to perceive many of our daily situations as a threat to us.


5. Remove Limiting Beliefs

The greatest source of heart conflict and stress in our lives is our limiting beliefs. These must be removed if we are going to truly tap into our creative genius consistently. Many of the situations in our lives that we perceive as stressful are only viewed that way because of a faulty belief system. For example, if I have the belief that a project I’m working on will not be successful because the last three times I tried a similar project they were unsuccessful, every roadblock I face will be interpreted in my mind as a sign that I am going to fail again. Imagine how many roadblocks we come across when we are working toward any goal. Every roadblock will be a source of stress because it will trigger memories of past “perceived” failures. So it would be very important for me to correct my limiting beliefs that I cannot succeed in this type of endeavor or the continuous stress will prevent my creativity to flow. Once the limiting belief has been replaced, I would then perceive all of the roadblocks as opportunities to learn or as signs that I am getting closer and closer to my goal.


Now that you have some basic ideas on how to consistently tap into your creative genius, you are now able to consistently and predictably develop new ideas, solutions and possibilities. You no longer have to live by the idea that success is 99% perspiration and 1% inspiration. You are no longer a believer that creative genius is for the ranks of the elite. Go forward now and create. Tap into your own creative genius!




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Thomas Hadley

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