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How to unlock Hidden Potential – Part 3

May 9, 2014 0 comments Peak Performance

How to unlock Hidden Potential – Part 3

By Thomas Hadley

There is much written on the subject of learning from failure, so I will only share one thought with you here with regard to unlocking the hidden potential to be found in this type of adversity. The thought is this:


When we look at our successes and failures, we have to understand that we are evolving beings.


Failure is defined as “an event that does not accomplish its intended purpose.” The outcome of an event today may not be in alignment with the aims we have for ourselves today–  at our current state of evolution. However, this same outcome could be exactly the outcome we need to accomplish the purpose we have in a later stage of our personal evolution. This could be years down the road. Failure is all a matter of our intentions and perceptions. We are limited in our ability to fully learn the lessons life is teaching us on a daily basis. The lessons we are taught today may not sink in for days, months or even years. As we evolve in our awareness, however, our intentions tend to come into alignment with those lessons we have learned in our lives.


Having said this, as we look at our “failures,“ we can be honest with ourselves and admit that the event did not accomplish the purpose we intended at the time of its occurrence. However, it DID accomplish SOMETHING. So, by definition, our greatest failure today can become our greatest success tomorrow as we evolve in our personal growth. I think that the hidden potential we find in failure is the CONFIDENCE that springs from the successes we find in what we once thought were failures.


Practical Application:

Here is a simple way to unlock potential you have not yet seen in your “failures.” Take your most disappointing failure. Take a sheet of paper and write on the left side the intended purpose you did not accomplish. On the right side, write down a list of the things you DID accomplish as a result of “not accomplishing your intended purpose.” As we continue to evolve, we will be able to see that true success is not simply about accomplishing our purposes, but also learning to be able to see the hidden gems nestled in what we once thought were failures.


In the words of Napoleon Hill:

“Start each day with an expression of gratitude for all the adversities, defeats, and failures you have experienced in the past, and search for the seed of an equivalent benefit these have yielded you through the passing of time.


This passing of time allows us time to evolve and grow. As we do so, our adversities, defeats and failures can become some of our greatest allies. So let’s give ourselves grace and understand that our evolution can turn our darkest nights of adversity, defeat and failure into our brightest days.

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Thomas Hadley

Thomas Hadley

Thomas Hadley is a peak performance consultant for executives, business owners and investors. He enjoys writing, teaching and presenting on increasing creative output, energy management and overcoming limiting beliefs in performance. He founded Higher Level Training Corp. in 2006 and resides in Irvine, CA with his wife and two children. Thomas Hadley Peak Performance Consultant
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