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Memoirs Are More Than Memories

May 1, 2014 0 comments Peak Performance

Memoirs Are More Than Memories

By Michelle Flowers

You are never too young to think about writing your memoir. More than simply a record of memories, memoirs convey your personal mission and lessons, as well as your challenges and victories. Some of the greatest memoirs have three things in common. Here is a list of their commonalities shared here as directives for you to keep in mind as you write your own personal narrative.

  • Be vulnerable. Some of your most wicked and heart-wrenching exploits and adventures will resonate with the reader and they will want to eat your every delicious word about how you conquered life’s most challenging and victories encounters. Think about things that you thought you’d never overcome such as birth, growth, poverty, loss, gain, prosperity, death, and everything in between.
  • Be accurately inaccurate. Accuracy is important, but don’t bore your readers with every tiny bit of information. Instead, think of themes that arise from your life’s story and select the appropriate, tasty bits to share with your reader.
  • Be dramatic. Remember that people want to be entertained when they read memoirs. They want to laugh and cry, and they want to be changed as a result of reading how you have lived an action-packed life!

Above all, remember that it is your story, and the world is eager to learn from you–your highs, your lows and everything in between. Start today by jotting down an outline of your life’s story. Do it today! And, share it with the world that awaits your unique message.

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