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Re-Set! Establish Your Truth, and Re-define “Wealth”

September 24, 2013 0 comments Financial Freedom, Landon's Blogs, Peak Performance, Spirituality

Most of us have been grossly misled by society’s definition of what it means to be wealthy.

The definition that society has sold to us about wealth is primarily linked to material things and status.


– The car we drive

– The size and value of the house we live in

– The exclusivity of our neighborhood

– The amount of money we make

– The type of job title we hold or business we operate


So we run after these things with all our might in the name of creating a better life and happiness for ourselves and our family.


The problem is that we get trapped in a vicious circle in pursuit of this false wealth.


To get the right job, title, business we spend money we don’t have on a car we can’t afford.  We go into debt, the world’s greatest oppressor.

We finally get the job/business we were after and figure we need to buy the right house in the right neighborhood to match the job/title we’ve achieved.


Then we come to realize the new job/title didn’t give us the fulfillment and happiness we thought it would.  We stop for a moment and become fully aware of the damage we created among our closest relationships including our spouse, children, and others by not being present while chasing after the job or business goal.


Well now we’re stuck in shackles. Can’t leave the job because the debt we owe on the right house in the right neighborhood and the nice car that supported out image is chocking us.



We find ourselves in a living hell.


All this because we bought into someone else’s definition of what it means to be wealthy.


It’s time for a Re-set.  It’s time re-define what True Wealth means to you.  We do that by:


A.  Discovering your truth. What is it that makes YOU happy. Not what others tell you should make you happy.


B.  Breaking free from the shackles of oppression to achieve the freedom needed to pursue your truth.


Freedom from what shackles you’re likely asking.?


Freedom from one or more of the top 10 shackles that may have power over you right now.



  1. Debt?
  2. Fear?
  3. Your job or business?
  4. Food?
  5. Alcohol?
  6. Poor health?
  7. Your image and/or ego?
  8. Limiting beliefs?
  9. The opinions of others?
  10. Dysfunctional relationships?


A very small percentage of people in this country have broken free and established freedom from the shackles of the top 10 oppressors.  We call these enlightened beings Wealth Triangle Warriors.


Now is a great time to take a personal freedom audit and ask yourself the question that I ask every day,  “Am I free?”   Do I have financial freedom? Do I have fitness freedom?  Do I have spiritual freedom?   If so, I’m experiencing heaven on earth.  If not….. what am I doing today to take back control and re-claim my freedom?



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Landon Taylor

Landon Taylor

Founder and Chief Vision Officer at Wealth Triangle Enterprises LLC
Landon Taylor is Founder and Chief Vision Officer at Wealth Triangle Enterprises LLC. With over 25 years of high impact market, organization, and human development experience, Landon has developed a human development formula called the Wealth Triangle Principle. The Principle empowers performance-driven men and women to overcome the 7 Deadly Shackles and to catapult both their external performance and internal fulfillment in order to achieve “True Wealth.” Connect with Landon at www.WealthTriangle.com, www.Facebook.com/wealthtriangle or on Twitter@wealthtriangle
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