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Social Networking: What the heck?

June 2, 2014 0 comments Peak Performance

One of my clients asked me, “Can you help me figure out if I have a LinkedIn profile. And, if I do, can you help me update it? Cause I don’t know what the heck is going on!” This client is a high-performance executive, and someone who has amassed millions of dollars for the corporations that he worked for over the years. However while standing at a career crossroads, he was unsure of which path to take, and was even unsure of what the different paths were on the roadmap of social media.


In today’s world, certain websites have become the go-to for potential employers and business partners. LinkedIn is one of many websites used for this purpose. Others include Google+, networkingforprofessionals.com, plaxo.com, etc. There is also a long and growing list of social networking sites for entrepreneurs such as biznik.com, cofoundr.com, and efactor.com.


Of course there is an even longer list of photo based social networks. The most popular today seem to be Instagram, Flickr, and Pinterest. And we all know about Facebook, and the other social networks that are remarkably similar to it in Europe like vk.com, others in countries around the world. Also, leading blog and micro blog sites like Tumblr.com and Twitter are hugely popular around the world too.


To make sense of the madness, I’ve created a chart to illustrate some of the different social networking sites, and their potential uses.


Name Description Potential Uses
Cofoundr Designed for entrepreneurs Pitch ideas and business concepts for the purpose of connecting with interested parties.
Facebook Social networking site used to share pictures, posts, video, check-in information, etc. Has shown to be problematic because people over-share personal details of their life. Maybe the best way to use it is not at all, or with a high level of security access to a limited amount of people.
Flickr Photo based social networking Really great site for online sales.
Google+ Site that enables lots of media sharing. Plus, it offers Google Hangout from which you can conduct web meetings and webinars. Probably best for hosting Google Hangout meetings and presentations. Can save them and post them on your business website. The videos are searchable based on the key terms you attribute to your videos.
Instagram Photo based social networking Really great site for online sales.
LinkedIn A professional social networking site Great to find out who you know, who they know and how to access people you would like to connect with professionally.
Networkingforprofessionals As the name suggests, it connects business professionals. Use to expand your professional circles by location or topic area.
Pinterest Photo based social networking Really great site for online sales.
Plaxo Contact organization site. Connect with people. Remember birthdays and anniversaries.
Tumbr Blog and photo based social networking Connect and share images with colleagues and team members. Possibly good for sales.
Twitter Micro-blog Can post short blogs and images. Best used to help guide people to your website.



With over 70% of people in the U.S. alone using social media, it pays to know about the different social networking sites and how to best use them to achieve the results that you aim for professionally.


In the end, my client and I worked together to create a single, up-to-date LinkedIn page complete with a killer bio and an updated account of career accolades, and we also charted a plan to create his professional website, and a specific and targeted social media campaign to take his career to the next level. Because after all, in today’s world it’s all about the individual. Think of yourself as You, incorporated.


Social networking can appear to be a daunting task. But once you know the options that are available to you, it’s easy to set your own course specific to your attributes and career or business aspirations. It’s just a matter of focus.


So, here are three steps to get you started on your social networking strategy:


  1. Visualize and determine your professional or business objective.
  2. Based on the chart that I have provided, focus on the social networking options that will support your objective. You don’t have to use all of them.
  3. Put together a well-thought out course of action. That you can carry out on your own, or with the help of a professional.


In the case of my client, I’m happy to report that he’s well on his way to achieving his goals. Let me know if I can help you do the same!


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