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“True Wealth” A multi-part blog series on breaking free from the 7 Deadly Shackles to become your greatest “SELF”

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Part I. What is TRUE Wealth?

It’s achieving freedom from the 7 Deadly Shackles and becoming your greatest “SELF.”

The 7 Deadly Shackles are the enemies that rob us of our inner happiness and fulfillment, and prevent us from reaching our greatest potential.


This certainly has been the case for me on my journey…

Let me introduce you to the 7 Deadly Shackles, the enemies that I’ve declared all out war against in my life:

  • Fear
  • Ego
  • Debt
  • Poor health and fitness
  • Limiting beliefs
  • The opinion of others
  • Dysfunctional relationships


Take a moment to ponder this list for your self and ask the question.  Am I completely FREE?

When I took a personal inventory of this list back in 2007, I realized that although I’d been super successful at making money… and at accumulating lots of titles, and material things that mainstream society says makes you Wealthy…

shutterstock_143179897I had to embrace the facts…I was sill enslaved by several of the 7 Deadly Shackles.  So, no matter how much money I made or how high up the ladder I climbed, unless I broke FREE from these shackles, I would never become my greatest “Self” and, therefore, I would never achieve TRUE Wealth!


Right then and there, I made the decision to become a Freedom Fighter.


Fighting to break free from 7 Deadly Shackles in my life and fighting to help the people I care most about to break free, too.

So…How about you?

Let’s Remember, There are no coincidences, you’ve arrived at exactly the right place at exactly the right time.


Isn’t it time for you to break free and become YOUR greatest “Self”? Isn’t it time for you to live the life YOU want to live instead of the life that other people expect you to live?

Yes, now is your time! And I’d be honored to support you in YOUR fight against the 7 Deadly Shackles by sharing with you the exact formula that I’m using to break free and travel the journey to TRUE Wealth.

Just continue to follow this blog series, and we’ll travel the path together.


Over the next eight blog posts, I will provide you with a complimentary access to the Wealth Triangle Success Formula, AND I will share with you a few of my “Wealth Triangle Warrior” videos that show exactly how to begin executing the Formula and breaking FREE from the 7 Deadly Shackles.


So let’s get started! Grab your journal. Get your favorite creative thinking beverage and spend some quality time conducting your own personal inventory on where you stand with the 7 Deadly Shackles. Are you free?

Which of the Deadly Shackles still hold you back and how?


See you back here next week for part two of this series on achieving TRUE Wealth. We’ll dive into the Wealth Triangle Formula and continue on our journey of breaking free of the 7 Deadly Shackles.


Please let me know what insights you get from reading this post by entering your comments in the comment section below. We love, love, love to get your feedback and ideas. It helps the entire Wealth Triangle Community on our journey to TRUE Wealth!


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Landon Taylor

Landon Taylor

Founder and Chief Vision Officer at Wealth Triangle Enterprises LLC
Landon Taylor is Founder and Chief Vision Officer at Wealth Triangle Enterprises LLC. With over 25 years of high impact market, organization, and human development experience, Landon has developed a human development formula called the Wealth Triangle Principle. The Principle empowers performance-driven men and women to overcome the 7 Deadly Shackles and to catapult both their external performance and internal fulfillment in order to achieve “True Wealth.” Connect with Landon at www.WealthTriangle.com, www.Facebook.com/wealthtriangle or on Twitter@wealthtriangle
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